Rectifier Test for Electrical Power

The Telecoms industry refers to a “Rectifier” as an assembly of  electronic and magnetic components, which together form the charging system for their Battery Systems.

The Manatronics EL Series is for Telecoms Rectifier Testing and General Purpose Power Supply Testing. This Series is nominally rated at 12kW, with options for 15kW or 18kW. The outcome most desired is to be power dense whilst fulfilling space and weight economies. Fan cooling is a benefit as it is low maintenance, safe and almost silent.

Cost effectiveness is a critical factor in rectifier test decision making. Other considerations in choosing a rectifier include scalability- as your system grows, can your Rectifier System be increased without having to replace the entire system?

A potential failure in your rectifier can swiftly be found through regular rectifier testing. However, most organisations leave the rectifier until the day it shuts down, which is not a major problem. This does not shut down their system. The inoperable rectifier just switches off and an alarm is given.   There is redundancy built-in (e.g. N+1) and the rectifier can be replace through a hot-swap, i.e.  they can leave the system powered up (by other working Rectifiers) and unplug the dead Rectifier. Simply plug in replacement Rectifier, all while system is operating. It is a good, simple system.   For rectifier repairs – it is important to utilise a Load Bank to test that it can meet all its specifications after repair.

The three main culprits of rectifier failure are:

  1. Age
  2. Neglect, and
  3. Lightning

Electronic load banks, such as those created by Manatronics simulate solid state systems and are perfect for testing precision power and current with constant power and current. DC load banks are incredibly valuable in performing a rectifier test in situations with AC-DC conversion systems, such as those in power generating wind farms, or DC power circuits and battery backups.


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