Power generation safety using load banks

It is very important to have the correct load test solution for power generation safety using Load Banks. Load testing is the only valid method of identifying how a power source will operate in an emergency or power-outage situation, as well as on an everyday basis and during peak load periods.

There are load banks to fit every situation.

Potential reasons to check power generation safety using load banks includes:

  • Testing a generator load
  • Checking after maintenance has been carried out
  • Synchronising load sharing equipment
  • Battery Capacity Testing
  • Rectifier production testing

For sites where continuity of power is essential, utilising load banks for safety checking and maintenance is critical. Some of the situations most likely to make the most of load banks include:

  • Mining sites
  • Hospitals
  • Oil and Gas refining
  • Transport services
  • Data services and telecommunications

Best practice for power generation safety in general includes testing generators and inspecting batteries. For many of the above situations having interrupted power or a dirty’ power supply could lead to human, data, financial and brand casualties.

Imagine a major city telecommunications exchange being without power (utility mains or back-up power), for an extended period of time. The issues would start with disgruntled consumers missing phone calls, it would escalate to businesses losing money because customers couldn’t reach then, and then the human cost could become critical with someone in a life threatening situation being unable to call emergency services.

Should a power supply be neglected or receive damage and nothing is done, the costs can be devastating. Ensuring best practice is utilised in power generation using Manatronics Load Banks for full discharge testing can go a long way in helping to generate power safely across industries.


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