Load Banks

Battery Discharge 12kW to 18kW – BD Series Load Banks

Some of the BD Series Load Banks are tailored specifically for one Battery Voltage, e.g. 48V systems. While other BD Load Bank models are tailored to cater for two or more Battery Voltages, e.g. 48V and 24V and 12V Load Bank systems. These are used as a load tester.

Rectifier Test 12kW to 18kW- EL Series Load Banks

The EL Series models are DC Electronic Loads designed for Rectifier testing and may be used for two or more Rectifier output Voltages, e.g. 48V and 24V and 12V systems.

Rectifier Test 8kW – EL08 Series Load Banks

And for high Voltages we have the EL08 Series. This Series is housed in the same size case as the standard EL. This Series is nominally rated at 8.2kW and caters for Voltages from 200V up to 500V.

Rectifier Test 4.9kW – PT04 Series Load Banks

We also have the PT04 Loadbank Series. Which is a smaller version of the EL. This Series is nominally rated at 4.9kW and caters for Voltages up to 500V.

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