Load Banks to Improve Business

For high technology purchase decisions, organisations rely on their experts and engineers to determine what are the critical components for new equipment. The decision tree for a new quality load bank for business improvement will involve the engineering experts discovering the technical specifications and then supplying the business with financial information and enough information to enable the CEO and Management Team them to sign off on that decision.

Manatronics is here to help. We are an Australian manufacturer with over 80% of our customers internationally, with some of the most technologically advanced electronic load banks which will not only load test your power sources, but do so in a cost effective, safe and well designed manner.

Once you utilise a Manatronics load bank you will never need look for a load bank to improve business ever again.

There are several business decisions which need to be attended to before installing new load banks; these decisions have very little to do with the actual engineering components encountered in power generation and storage issues.

The critical success factors to determine which load banks to improve business are:

  • Does the product do what it claims to do?
  • Will it last longer than my desired tenure in this position?
  • Do customer/consumer outcomes come with full safety requirements
  • Can I do no better with my budget in time, money and resources?

Gone are the days when you could find a sophisticated piece of equipment and invest in it because it would last a lifetime. You would most likely have been in your role for the life of the equipment and the company was ideologically linked to purchasing equipment which would have a depreciation value of less than 5%per annum.

The world has changed totally; most individuals coming into the workforce now will have at least 5 careers, not to mention jobs. Technology is such that depreciation on most electronic items must be greater than 25% per annum and the CEO is looking at far less than 10 years tenure.

From the perspective of Manatronics, the answers to the critical business questions regarding their industry leading load banks are:

  • Manatronics load banks may be supplied for both portable and fixed locations
  • These load banks are very lightweight and small for the amount of power they are able to they can handle.
  • All load banks have constant current discharge which is best practice for discharge testing
  • For load banks with a constant current feature, Manatronics load banks are extremely price competitive.
  • With a full Quality Assurance (QA) process, all components of Manatronics load banks are fully stress tested before they leave the factory.
  • All Manatronics load banks are robust and have a planned long life

These factors can give engineers, finance and management teams peace of mind that they are minimising risks when purchasing a load bank to improve business performance.


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