24V / 400 Amp Load

For Battery Discharge testing and Power Supply testing



24V / 400 Amp Electronic Load

EL12-24 Datasheet


  • Quality Product
  • Rugged and Reliable Design
  • Very Cost effective
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • 400 Amps at 30V (continuous rating)
  • 12kW Rated
  • Options for 19 inch Rack Mount case
  • Continuously variable current
  • Constant Current operation is standard
  • Options for CP, CR, CV modes.
  • Mains powered
  • Two LCD digital panel meters for Voltage and current
  • Thermally safe
  • Fan fail detector on all fans / Air flow blockage detectors
  • OverVoltage protection
  • Shunt output is available
  • Remote enable / disable (suitable for UPS control)
  • Anderson SB ® Series connector for DC power connection
  • Portable – very light weight Load


This particular Load has been designed to operate with Telecom 48V Rectifiers and Power
Supplies with output Voltages in the range of 38V to 60V and is extremely cost effective.

The load is continuously rated at 400 Amps at up to 30V DC, i.e. 12kW. The standard
model comes with Constant Current and Options for Constant Power, Constant Resistance and
Constant Voltage modes. The mode selection will be via the front panel. The load current
is continuously variable over the entire current range. The current is controlled via two
knobs on the front panel, one coarse and one fine control. The Load is powered from the
mains supply. The unit uses forced air cooling.

The Load is housed in a 6U case withg an Options for 19 inch Rack Mount
case. It can also be used as a portable Load.

The case has various rear panel connectors and the front panel has two LCD digital panel
meters, one for the DC input Voltage and one for the load current. There are also eight
LED’s to indicate the status of the Load.

The load has been designed to be very reliable and easy to use. It is thermally safe and has
fan fail detectors on all fans together with air blockage detectors. The DC input has
OverVoltage protection included. The DC power connection is via an Anderson SB ®
Series connector on the rear panel. Monitor points are included on the front panel for
access to the internal shunt. This is also provided via a D type connector on the rear panel.

Control selection is made from the front panel between “Load ON”, “Load OFF”, “Data
Logger Control”, “External Input Control”, (e.g. suitable for UPS control).

The rear panel has a connector to link to the “Manatronics Data Logger DLM-09” or for
an external load on / off control, (e.g. suitable for UPS control).


  • Telecom Rectifier testing
  • General Power Supply testing
  • Suitable for run-up bench and product design/development.
  • Load bank for Burn-in room facility
  • Battery discharge testing

If this unit is also required to carry out Battery Discharge testing there is an option to have
an in-built LVD, (Low Voltage Disconnect). This can be enabled and disabled from the
front panel. It is possible to select the “End Voltage” for both 48V and 50V systems with
an equivalent “End Voltage” per cell from 1.55V PC up to 1.90V PC. When enabled the
load monitors the overall battery Voltage and when it drops to the “End Voltage” it will
automatically disconnect the load and the current will drop to zero. Thus, the Load now
becomes an Intelligent Load, in that if it is left unattended it will prevent deep discharge
of the batteries and hence prevent any possible damage to them. When this load is used in
conjunction with the “Manatronics Data Logger DLM-09”, (which is recommended), the
“End Voltage” will be programmed from the Logger and this will automatically
disconnect the load when the Logger senses that the “End Voltage” has been reached. This
feature will override the LVD in the load.

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