EL Series Load Banks


12kW, 15kW and 18kW DC Electronic Load

All of our Load Banks are continuously rated for Power and Current.


  • EL12-48M
    • 0 to 200A at up to 60V DC
  • EL12-24M
    • 0 to 400A at up to 30V DC
  • EL12-110M
    • 0 to 90A at up to 135V DC
  • EL15-48M
    • 60V at 250A
    • 38V at 250A
    • Reducing current from 38V down to 0V
  • EL18-48M
    • 60V at 300A
    • 38V at 300A
    • Reducing current from 38V down to 0V
    • All of the Electronic Loads have been designed to  be easily customised to suit individual requirements.
    • Please contact us NOW with your requirements for  a personal quotation

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