Identifying a high quality load bank

A load bank device enables an electrical load to be developed which is then applied to an electrical power source and converts or dissipates the resultant power output. The load bank is used mimic your power system’s behaviour under everyday and potential maximum load conditions.

The load bank, through mimicking a real’ load, allows investigative testing and maintenance of the power source whilst removing the risks associated with the random and unpredictable nature of a true generated power load.

The load bank can be a permanent device installed in an electrical generation system or portable. There are industry standard 19 inch rack systems into which the portable load bank can be installed. There are two main types of DC Load Banks:

  1. Fully Electronic (constant current etc).
  2. Resistive

At Manatronics we manufacture DC Load Banks which are all fully electronic. To enable precision testing, these load banks are a forced air cooled design and allow constant power and constant current loading on circuits.

The critical success factors involved in each Manatronics load bank are:

  • Compared to the power they can handle, they are very lightweight and compact
  • These load banks operate under a constant current discharge which is an excellent solution for battery discharge testing.
  • Each load bank is fully quality assured with systemic checks in place to ensure all components are fully stress tested before the units leave our factory.

The DC Load Banks manufactured by Manatronics are split into two ranges.

  • The BD series is a Battery Load Bank for Battery Discharge Testing and has been designed as a robust and reliable Portable Load Bank.
  • The EL series is specifically designed for Telecoms Rectifier Testing and General Purpose Power Supply Testing.

Manatronics manufacture and supply some of the most reliable and cost effective Load Bank solutions in the world and have satisfied customers internationally including Canada, the USA, Vietnam, UAE and many others.


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