Do your load banks have a timer option?

We have an option for a timer module, please let us know if you are interested in this when you make your enquiry. Our DLM series data logger can also provide this function when used with our load banks.

Can I use the Data Logger by itself?

Yes, our DLM series Data Logger can be used as a stand-alone unit to monitor Voltages on a battery string, rectifier, fuel cell, or any other source of DC power.

Can I use 2 or more of your Load Banks in series or parallel?

Two or more Load Banks may be used in parallel as long as they are both designed to work on the same Voltage. For example a BD12-48P can be used in parallel with an EL15-48M, just remember that the EL Series will require a source of AC power in order to run.  The Load Banks can not be used in series for higher Voltages.

Can I select any current in steps?

You may select any current within the range of the Load Bank, however our Load Banks have the advantage over many other Load Banks because the current is “continuously variable” meaning that the current is not limited to steps of a set value. The current can be set to any value of your choice and adjusted at any time during a test.

Will the EL series Load Bank work with the Voltage in my country?

Yes, please specify the AC Mains Voltage you require when ordering, i.e. 110V AC or 230V AC.

Does the LVD have set Voltages or can I select my own?

The LVD (Low Voltage Drop-out) system can be designed to meet your requirements, just let us know what Voltages you would like when you place your order.
If you use one of our DLM series Data Loggers then you can, effectively, set any LVD that you need, either set any overall battery string Voltage or any cell Voltage.

Can I Rack-mount my Load Bank?

We provide an option for rack-mounting all of our products, just let us know if you would like to have your unit rack-mounted and we can arrange this for you. This option needs to be selected at the time of ordering. We do not currently offer an option to retro-fit our Load Banks for this.


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