Choosing an Electronic Load Bank

The Electronic Load Bank is a superior solution for reliable power load testing. A load bank is designed to mimic the average and peak loads placed on a power source. The load bank will apply an electrical load to the power source to enable safe testing and maintenance of that power source.

A common and cheap form of load bank is known as a ‘Resistive Load Bank’. They will provide loading on the generating system, however, they do not have the capabilities of a quality constant current electronic load bank.

The Resistive Load Bank generates a load through the conversion of electrical energy to heat via resistors. The resultant heat is dissipated through air, water or forced convection. A resistive system may seem cheap, but is not in the class of an Electronic Load Bank.

The benefit of an Electronic Load Bank over a resistive version is one of Constant Current. There is an endless array of sophisticated electronics stored away in the Electronic Load Bank which continually manipulates the load current, correcting and adapting to ensure a constant current throughout the entire discharge test. The constant power is a valuable optional extra as well.

These are intelligent load banks and are able to be used in a programmable mode via an optional remote input on the rear panel. They are the best solution for precision testing. These are the perfect solution for testing laboratories to perform constant power, voltage and current load tests. There is just no comparison between the resistive load bank and the electronic load bank for reliability and efficiency.

The reliance on non-mains power supplies is seen in many industries including hospitals, transport, data businesses, mining and telecommunications. These industries rely on consistent power supplies no matter what conditions are. Electronic Load Banks are the most reliable and precise tools to manage your power supply.

Similarly, in many international industries, such as the aeronautical arena, there is a push for all load bank testing to be performed by Electronic Load Banks as opposed to the large, expensive, hard to cool resistor type load banks.

Manatronics, a long time Australian owned company has supplied Electronic Load Banks to most of the leading manufacturers around the world. Their ethos is to give the highest quality product with matching customer service.


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