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Looking for a Manatronics Distributor in your area?

Please contact us providing details of your location and we will provide you with details of your nearest Distributor.

Remember if you prefer to deal directly with Manatronics, you may simply click here to go to our contact form where you can send your request to one of our friendly staff.

Interested in becoming a Distributor for Manatronics?

Ideally we would be looking for a distributor who is in the field of electronic test equipment, possibly with some existing products related to the rectifier / power supply, Telecom / maintenance and / or Telco Battery markets. Some technical knowledge would be advantageous – but full support will be given by the sales office in Brisbane, including assistance with custom inquiries. Utilities would be another area of interest.

For further information about becoming a Distributor for Manatronics products, please contact us NOW with details of your name, company, location (City/Country) and existing markets and products.


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