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Manatronics Pty Ltd was founded on the belief that our Load Banks can be tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of our customers, such that you do not have to pay for many features that you do not need, nor will ever use. This makes our product excellent value for money. Furthermore, that Load Bank equipment should be easy (intuitive) to operate and should satisfy the requirement straight away.

Due to our Load Banks High Quality and Extensive Built-in Protection against misuse, they are a “Fit and Forget” product, with no hassles, no worries and no down-time. This helps your projects to be under budget and on time, and means it will free up more of your time, to concentrate on other important agendas and to put you in control.

Our data logger equipment products are designed as a turn-key solution and use the latest circuits and are all microprocessor controlled.

manatronics-officeThis is why we at Manatronics Pty Ltd have decided to use our expertise to create equipment that is focused on your requirements to do what you need.

All of our products are available on a global basis, either through our distribution channels or via direct ordering. Please contact us for your nearest dealer.

All of our products are proudly made in Australia.


We have been making DC electronic Load equipment since 1997. We are based in Brisbane, Australia. The first model was the 4kW DC electronic Load and in early 2000 the first variants of the 12kW unit were being produced. Over the following years, many variants of the 4kW and 12kW were developed. At the end of 2003 the first Data Loggers were being manufactured.


Our philosophy is to build as solid and robust a product as possible within certain constraints, with regards to cost and by looking at the field of application and deciding what is the most likely worst case scenarios from the point of view of :-

  • ESD, EMI, DC supply spikes and surges, misuse, reverse connections.
  • the 0V power being removed whilst the signal 0V and main DC connection are still being made.
  • And Protection from high fault current through 0V paths due to incorrect wiring.

Whilst we take great care over the protection obviously there are always ways to exceed any given protection. This leads to a product that can be purchased, set up and then forgotten about (from the point of view of maintenance / downtime). Barring severe misuse, the products will go on to provide many years of care free service.

Many of the internal circuits are used for the protection of the unit and any external equipment where ever possible.

We believe in having very competitively priced products that meet the requirement of the market but without all the bells and whistles which, whilst nice to have, are not really used and which would push the price up.

Our products are also designed to be as flexible as possible to cater for custom requirements. This means that the units are easily modified, during manufacture, to cater for different Voltage – Current characteristics. Also the products can be used in parallel to cater for higher current and power requirements which also increases flexibility.

Quality Assured

We are a Quality Assured Company by AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.

Existing Customers

Over the years, many units have been sold to several World Leading SMPS (Rectifier) manufacturers, for ATE Production Testing, Design and QA Departments, as well as Telco’s and their Maintenance Sub-Contractors. All of these units are still being used in their respective applications.


Only high quality QA proved components are used to make up our products, which are designed to stringent guidelines. Each individual unit is subjected to heat soaking and QA final testing. Full records are keep of test results for each individual unit.


All models achieve a high degree of reliability in the field. With a high level of design effort before the products are released leading to stable designs, with few if any, design improvements.

Lead time for our products is kept fairly short. From the date of order, for small orders, the units will normally leave the factory within four weeks.

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