Why Use a Battery Load Tester?

A battery load tester is used to determine your DC Load bank system’s behaviour under normal and anticipated peak load conditions. Battery load testing is performed to ensure community safety, power & communications security and business continuity.

We use communications tools, such as telecommunications lines and data lines to keep in touch and secure business information on a daily basis. The effectiveness of these tools comes back to the equipment which provides power to keep them operational.

Battery load testing is the method used to ensure continued operation of these power sources. Battery load testing is also critical to ensure proper emergency operation for all emergency power supplies.

The traditional method of battery load testing involved connecting and disconnecting electrical connectors which was time consuming, increased risk of damage to wiring and was very cost ineffective due to high man hour requirements. Modern battery load bank testers such as those manufactured by Manatronics, ensure greater power security.

There are US studies by the Department of Homeland Security which state that more than 90% of businesses affected by a significant data loss would be out of business within 2 years. Reducing the risk of data loss is an outcome of strategic application of load testers.

The main challenge for today’s designers is due to technologies having converged to the point that IT and Telecommunications require networks that need power supplies with a variety of input requirements.

Manatronics maintain a fully functional two prong range of DC Load bank load testers. The BD Series is a Battery Load Bank for Battery Discharge Testing and has been designed as a portable load bank.

The EL Series is for Telecom Rectifier Testing and General Purpose Power Supply Testing. Both of these series are nominally rated at 12kw, with options of 15kW or 18kW.

Automatic testing and remote monitoring are all potential specialised services various load testers are capable of fulfilling.

Manatronics have developed economical, quality battery load testers to ensure consistent quality of power production and ultimately, consistent quality in your business.


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